What to eat for healthy skin?

In the fast pace of life we often do not find time for a healthy and nutritious meal. If we eat poorly, it can eventually begin to reflect on our body. So what we have to eat to have beautiful hair, hard bones and healthy heart?


For skin, most importantly is to provide food with sufficient vitamin A found in orange and green vegetables, such as carrots, in leafy vegetables, egg yolk and fish oil. Vitamin A provides just the right pH for our skin, to prevent the developing of bacteria and fungi, if the balance of pH would start lowering. Some research even suggests that those who consume keratin that body slowly converts into vitamin A have six times less possibility to suffer from skin cancer.


If we want strong and healthy bones, we should not hide too much from the sun, because vitamin D is produced in our bodies when we are exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones. We also need to eat enough fish, eggs, milk and milk products, because all of these foods are a rich source of bones important vitamin D, which is in charge in our body to absorb calcium and phosphorus in the gastrointestinal tract, which indirectly regulates the growth and development of bones. Too little vitamin D can also lead to weakness and bone fragility.


Iron deficiency in the blood may also affect the poor quality of the hair. Researchers compared the results of eleven studies that have examined how iron deficiency affects the hair, and found that the improvement of anemia also improves hair quality. We therefore recommend that you eat for better hair, food which is rich in iron such as red meat, poultry, prunes, apples and red beet.


For good vision we have to eat food enough of vitamins A, E and C, we must not forget sufficient quantities of zinc and the antioxidants found in berries, prunes, kiwi, oranges, spinach, carrots. Oranges and carrots are also a rich source of vitamin A, while the E-vitamin could be found in fish, poultry, cereals and seeds.


The heart needs a lot of different substances that can keep us alive – from amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids to vitamins, minerals and enzymes. If we want to strengthen the engine that drives our bodies, it is advisable to eat animal proteins and vegetable fats – legumes, fish, meat, milk and dairy products. In the fight against clot are apparently successful in addition to the berries also some spices such as ginger, thyme, cumin, marjoram, and a glass of quality red wine per day. Moreover, for our heart are very important also some minerals – calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamin B and E and omega-3 fatty acids. Frequent consumption of saturated fats (lard, butter) and trans fatty acids, found in margarine and consequently in some cakes, too salty food, and of course lack of exercise and smoking.

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