What skin needs

Skin needs minerals, Oxygen and algae. These are substances that can be found in face creams. They help us in the fight against external influences and regeneration, the skin becomes more radiant, firmer and more youthful.

Earth, air and water are three of the four elements that are necessary for life. Items, which thanks to modern cosmetic industry have become important ingredients for facial treatments.

From soil are coming minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium, which are in large or in small amounts also present in the human body. Mineral substances are very important because cells can use them to develop all its vital functions.

In the air is oxygen and gas, which all living creatures needs to breathe and it is also important for the vitality of the human body and all cells.

From water come out algae, which are one of the first living forms, which were found on earth and which due to photosynthesis changed Earth’s atmosphere that is suitable for life.

Mineral substances for skin

Mineral substances are the basic constituents of our body, essential for the functioning of the most vital functions of cells. If we lack of the minerals, which typically occurs due to the poor and unbalanced diets, the function of the cells slow down and therefore lose energy and vitality.

Lack of minerals can also be seen on the skin as it begins aging prematurely. Even epidermis quickly loses its vitality, and this leads to become more volatile and loss of shine. Cellular ‘fatigue’ in the epidermis is also reflected in the reduced production of collagen.

To meet the needs of the skin and make skin young and vital for a long time, it is recommended to improve eating habits and use cosmetic products that are rich in minerals.

Creams with mineral substances have a positive effect on the increase of energy in cells. Because of the additives found in creams, cream better penetrate the skin and stimulate cells to develop their best features. All of which is indicated by brighter skin.

Skin fights easier against external influences, because the defense system improves, it is properly moisturized, is quickly regenerated and produces collagen and elastin, the key elements to look younger. If we regularly use the cream with mineral salts, skin will over time become more compact, tonic, stable and richer with vital energy.

Oxygen for skin

Oxygen is the most important element for the survival of all cells. Since the skin consists of cells, is oxygen essential for their operation and to ensure the vitality and youth. It is the best antiseptic and natural medicine. If it enough oxygen in the epidermis, skin becomes alive, active, quickly recover and faster recovery from any skin injuries.

In addition that the oxygen is necessary for the provision of energy in the skin, with his help cells produce collagen and elastin, the substances causing the skin compact and elastic. Also makes sure to best allocate melanin that gives a healthy skin tone.

When because of the slower surface microcirculation in the skin cells come less oxygen, it slows cell renewal, cell harder removed excess dirt and neutralizes free radicals, reduces the production of collagen and elastin, and the ability of melanin distribution.

Signs that your skin needs more oxygen, is vague and distorted view, the skin can become drier, no more tonic, elastic and compact. All this results in the first wrinkles or worsen existing ones.

Creams based on oxygen can be described as ‘active’, because oxygen, which is extended in the skin, improves microcirculation and improves the ability to fight against excess free radicals: skin ‘breathe’, it becomes more compact and shiny.

Because of antiseptic action stops the occurrence of stains and dirt accumulation.

Algae for skin

Algae are an important element of the marine flora. Algae, which are used in the cosmetics industry, are obtained through the process in the special oxygen tanks.

These microalgae are being developed and multiplied until they are generated at each millimeter 3.5 billion. At this stage of their development are removed from the pool and stir in cream. The most important feature of microalgae is a large proportion (more than 50 percent) of amino acids, which are applied to the skin.

Amino acids help the skin to produce proteins that are very important for her: collagen, elastin and Creatine, but also for the proper care of skin hydration.

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