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Diabetes is known for over 2000 years. For this disease are responsible hereditary and environmental factors as stress, physical activity, diet, smoking, etc.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic state of persistently elevated blood glucose levels. It develops in the absence of the hormone insulin or problems with its exploitation. The result is a disturbance in the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Insulin is a hormone produced by the secreting cells and islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. Regulates blood glucose levels, thus it allows the body’s cells to be used for fuel. When the uptake of glucose into cells is disturbed it’s also slower the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Therefore, if the body after a meal does not obtain enough insulin, the blood glucose level rises and remains high. A lot of glucose in the blood causes fatigue, thirst and the secretion of large amounts of sugar. Individuals who suffer from diabetes can also occur genital itching and blurred vision. These are all common signs of diabetes.

How many types of diabetes we know?

TYPE A (insulin-dependent)

The disease develops when the body produces little or no insulin. Usually occurs in people who are less than 40 years. It is healed with insulin injections and of course with a healthy balanced diet and regular meals.

TYPE B (insulin dependent)

This is the most common form of diabetes when the body produces too little insulin or it does not properly exploit. It is associated with fatness, especially when the excess weight is around the abdomen. Usually it develops in people over 40 year and is managed solely by healthy diet and tablets.

The main objective of both types of diabetes treatment is to control the amount of glucose in the blood and reduce the risk of chronic complications such as eye problems, kidney disease, coronary arteries and nerve damage.


Regardless of the diabetes type, selected meals and eating habits can help to manage blood glucose levels.

Diabetes is not a consumption of diet food and the subjugation of the complex and restrictive dietary supplements. The basic principles of nutrition with diabetes are in fact those that are recommended for healthy eating for all.

A dish for diabetics should include half of starchy foods, two-thirds of the remaining half should be vegetables or fruit, while on the third has to be high protein food.

Ten tips of sugar free diet to help you keep your body in good shape

Eat regular, balanced meals: Meals should be primarily based on starchy ingredients, which help to control blood sugar (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, cereals etc.).

Every day, be physically active: At least five times a week, keep a healthy mind in a healthy body. Move at least half an hour a day. Try and make sure that the exercise is also entertainment, so choose an activity you like (walks in nature, cycling, swimming, dancing, gardening).

Stop smoking: As you know – smoking is bad for your health, because among other things, increases the risk of disease to lung cancer. In addition there will be the increased risk of coronary artery disease and stroke. Smoking is also a risk factor for developing osteoporosis.

Reduce the amount of alcohol: Men should not drink alcohol daily for more than 3 small scoops of alcohol, woman only two. Try to be every week at least one day without alcohol.

Relax: Try to find time to relax, especially if you frequently under stress.

Reduce the amount of fat in the diet: Do not tamper on full-fat cheeses and cream. Rather replace them with lean low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt.

Limit the use of sugar: Put floral honey in tea as a result of too many sugary drinks and sugary foods is that the blood glucose level rises too fast.

Eat less salty foods: Avoid salting dishes. Rather put in fresh herbs and spices for pleasant flavor.

Tamper for vegetables and legumes: In each meal try with some healthy foods. Enjoy them at least five times a day.

Regular medical examinations: The doctor can closely monitor your condition and provide you with additional information.

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