Spring skin care

The vital ingredients are multitalented. Smooth and moisturize the skin and give it energy. These are three good reasons why we just do not eat them, but also care with them.

Vitamin B skin care

Vitamin B is very important and works in various fields. B1 is responsible for muscle strength, B2 is important for the metabolism of fat, B6 is responsible for proteins and B12 strengthens the nerves and their restoration.

B vitamin is found in fish, wholegrain products, pig meat, milk and fruit. If you care with creams that contain vitamin B, your skin will have good blood supply, shiny and well-moisturized, because vitamin B contains moisturizing substances.

Folic acid skin care

Vitamins are not enough, and we have also to focus on other minerals and acids. One of these is also the folic acid. Smokers and women, who use birth control pills, are lacking in folic acid. Folic acid enables, restore and build the blood and body cells.

Folic acid is found in wheat germ oil, whole wheat flour, green salad, beer yeast, tomatoes and bananas. Folic acid is also responsible for the skin; it protects the DNA and ensuring that new cells are being developed. Folic acid is a complete anti-aging care.

Vitamin A skin care

Vitamin A is important for body care. It is particularly good for growth and renewal of skin, bone and eye in the dark. We get vitamin A, by eating meat, and also with beta carotene, which is present in colorful fruits and vegetables. In the skin care vitamin A has a task to rebuild sensitive and damaged skin, smooth wrinkles and remove dark age spots.

Vitamin C skin care

Vitamin C is a powerful substance that is responsible for thousands of functions. Works anti-aging, care that we are fit, and detoxifies. For the skin is very important in the formation and increase of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. Vitamin C benefits.

Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, kiwi, potatoes, broccoli and parsley. Creams containing vitamin C protects skin from external influences such as UV rays.

Vitamin E skin care

Vitamin E has eight versions and they all have the same function. Targeting free radicals that are released with smoking, when we are stressed and frequent sun exposure.

Vitamin E is found in butter, gluten, herbal oils, nuts and seeds. If you care with vitamin E, you consolidate skin moisture, making it firm, smooth and glossy. Vitamin E also fights against pimples and also smoothes out wrinkles.

Biotin skin care

Also called vitamin H or skin vitamin and hair vitamin. Biotin allows rapid production of skin cells. Is also important that hair do not break and that the nails are strong and resilient. Biotin is found in tomatoes, liver, soy, egg white, nuts and oatmeal. Biotin cares for the regeneration of skin cells; the skin is taut and shiny.

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