Skin aging can be slowed down

If we devote to the skin sufficient time and in the right way, the skin will get older much nicer and it will remain healthier and shinier longer.

The main problem that at certain point in life we all meet is aging. garnier-fructis-couponsThis is most reflected on our skin and that will sooner or later bother us. Formerly shiny and taut skin becomes looser and drier and first wrinkles will appear. All these inconveniences can be easily avoided, and to a greater extent, mitigated and thus slow down the aging of the skin, while it can be also controlled. So we make our skin even when we enter in the autumn of our lives, still a source of pride.

The first rule is to avoid the sun

Although the exposure to the sun was for decades extremely popular and even recommended, today is well aware that the strong sunlight has to be far avoided. If you are still faced with it, do not forget the adequate protection in the form of creams with a sun protection factor. It is necessary to mention that the cream is only the last resort, which is used only when we have no choice. Shadow should also become your best friend. This is the only way that you and your skin will remain best friends also in the future.

The fact that we can say goodbye from the summer days, does not mean that we said goodbye to the fear of exposure to the sun. Sun prey on us throughout the year, and as in the summer is sun dangerous even in winter, through the snow and cold that further attack the health of our skin. When protected by a sunscreen is recommended to know the duration of cream protection. Single-use is by not enough, because after the first application, the protective effect of the cream slowly fades and exercise should be repeated. After exposure to the sun, it is also recommended applying nourishing cream that will mitigate damage and skin irritation when exposed to external influences, which among the sun which also includes cold and wind.

Be careful with moisturizer

Dry skin on exposure to outside influences, needs special attention, but the secret is not only in moisturizing creams. These have good influences for the skin and really help in the process of renewal, but with time the skin dry up, because all the remain of skin moisture comes to the surface. Therefore, is essential when choosing moisturizers to choose one that is sufficiently pervasive and will help to overcome the difficulties incurred by the skin itself.

The skin has a protective layer which prevents the penetration of substances from our environment, which means that it prevents the penetration of cosmetic preparations, including moisturizers, which should enhance our ability. Our attempts to actually nourish the skin, are vain, except in case when the pervasiveness of the cream that is applied, is large enough to penetrate deep beneath the epidermis and truly nourishes the cells that regenerate our largest organ.

When choosing skin care products, be careful of what these products that we use contain. Typically, solutions from different manufacturers vary depending on the amount of added content. Some helps the skin, but excessive use can also harm our skin.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use only line of one manufacturer. In this way you will ensure that the components are matched to one another in exactly the right amount, while stirring the different product lines quickly encounter excessive exposure to certain acids to us in which harm rather than help.

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