Salmon recipes

Buying and storing salmon

When buying salmon the most important thing to get all salmon nutrition values is that the fish is fresh. As the fish is very sensitive to improper storage, be careful when you buy salmon. Salmon must lie on the ice or at a temperature of -1 to 2 ° C.

Fresh salmon properties

Fresh salmon has clear bright eyes, which have a hemispherical recess, fresh red and moist gills moist, smooth and glowing skin that is not slimy and firm flesh.

The best time to buy salmon is on the same day, when you want to prepare it. Till the time of preparation, store it in a cool place. If necessary, keep it up to + 2 ° C, for a maximum of 24 hours.

Salmon can be purchased in several forms

  • Frost salmon, whole or sliced
  • Thin slices of smoked salmon fillet, which can be found in vacuum-packed or frozen forms
  • Highly prized and expensive salmon: smoked and dried salmon, boneless, skin on one side only

Salmon diet preparation

Dried, smoked salmon is served cold with lemon, cold sauces like mayonnaise, butter, whipped and sour cream on toasted bread or crackers. For formal events are very popular canape salmon sandwiches, served with champagne.

Fresh or fresh frozen salmon: steaks are usually cut to about 2-3 inches. You can pour it or cook it in a slightly acidic water with or without vegetables. Salmon can be prepared on a grill or in the oven wrapped in aluminum foil. Frozen smoked salmon is ideal in combination with a sour apple and citrus of all kinds.

Salmon recipes


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