Rosacea causes

Rosacea causes can be very different. It may be a genetic predisposition (impairment of vascular walls), it may be a medical condition or influence from the environment.

According to the National Society of rosacea society on the first three places are:

  • exposure to the sun
  • stress and anxiety
  • hot weather

Other causes for rosacea may include:

  • Big changes in temperature (too hot bath, too heated apartment, sauna)
  • severe physical exertion,
  • climate (sun, wind, cold, humidity),
  • alcohol (especially red wine, beer, vodka and champagne)
  • poor nutrition (too spicy, or foods containing histamine – a hormone that increases the permeability of capillaries)
  • certain fruits and vegetables (such as avocados, bananas, prunes, raisins, figs, eggplant, spinach, tomatoes, beans and peas)
  • certain dairy products,
  • hot drinks (hot chocolate, coffee, tea)
  • Cosmetics (especially those containing alcohol and perfumes)
  • cosmetic interventions (e.g. chemical peeling, solarium)
  • certain drugs (steroids)
  • Health status (menopause, chronic cough).

Of course the list does not include all factors, but may be helpful in determining the individual rosacea triggers.

Rosacea treatment

Dermatologists prescribe antibiotics to control the disease, and ointments for topical application. It may also be treated with the operational procedure – laser therapy, electrical Sclerotherapy etc. depending on the level of sickness. The operative procedure should be repeated normally several times.

In the first place, of course is avoidance of factor of rosacea causes. Protect your face in large temperature difference, avoid alcohol, spicy foods, certain cosmetic procedures and cosmetic means containing acetone and alcohol. Use creams that contain a lot of mild and moisture and protect skin.

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