Raw diet and skin

Food is essential for the health of our body and our vital organs. All need vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats for good functioning. And as we don’t feel well, as we have problems it is shown externally. In poor words our skin is the main organ where our problems or our healthy is shown. If you feel good also your skin will be shiny and have a good natural glow. That’s why food plays an important role also for the skin.

Raw food is important because is full of vitamins, minerals and proteins and helps to clean our body. Raw food is less toxic and contains less harmful substances than cooked food.

Raw food and skin health are connected, because raw food translate more health, which than this is also shown on the skin. Raw food also contains bigger amount of antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and what is again another benefit for the skin. People who eat more raw food have better complexion and radiant look.

Cooked food destroys the enzymes and makes proteins and vitamins less effective. Raw food decreases the amount of digestive enzymes that your body produces. Enzymes are important for many functions in the body included digestion. Premature aging and low energy is a result of fewer enzymes in the body. Fruits which have bigger amount of enzymes are papaya, pineapple and sprouts.

Some of raw food helps better protect the skin from sun damage and some raw food helps to prevent wrinkles and other age signs.

A mineral which is present in every cell is sulfur. Sulfur is needed in the production of collagen and is important as for the skin as for nails and hairs. The levels of sulfur with cooked or dried food are lost and become less effective.

Another important mineral for the skin, nails and hairs is silicon, which levels decrease with age. Apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries, carrots and other vegetables contain silicon mineral.

For the skin is also important that it can protect itself and detoxify itself. Raw food can give better protection and helps to detoxify the body through the skin.

So we recommend eating a lot of raw food and drinking a lot of water. Most important vitamins for the skin are vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E. You can improve your digestion and detoxification with green tea extract. 3 to 4 cups of green tea daily are very helpful for the body and health of the skin.

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