Purifying diet

After a long winter sleep comes fresh and warm spring, which opens up new doors to browse through new and fresh sheets of our life book. With spring comes a new beginning, which is good enough to cleanse our body of toxins and negative energy that we have accumulated over the winter. Like nature, we will begin to wake up with this diet as well.

The most important in cleansing diet is the will of the individual that does firmly decide to fully follow the instructions of the diet. If the will is minimum and we do it only because others say it would be good to try it, the effect will be negligible.

It is also important that the food we eat is healthy. On the list must also be a regular exercise, deep breathing and calm, cleaning rooms and detoxify emotions.

With this diet you will not only clean the body but also mind and your inner spirit. Because when we decide to do this diet you unconsciously announce to your inner self that there will be a radical change in diet. So be prepared on both physically and mentally cleansing.

When we detoxify and clean, we start to live our life and surroundings in different way. Maybe this sounds a bit strange, but thousands of people who had tried this, can substantiate this claim from their own experience. During purification, it often happens that people make decisions that previously would have absolutely opposed. Many people have so far confirmed that during the purification and after their emotions and mind works better.

Purification strengthens self-esteem, confidence and creativity of the individual. It also helps against headaches, colds, viral infections, gallstones, arthritis, rheumatism, heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia and depression.

Before we start this diet we have to be careful of:

That we are physically and mentally healthy. Body and mind must be calm. If we have a disease, do not start a diet, because the immune system is already burdened enough, because fighting the disease.

Fear. If you have any concerns or fears of purification, it is preferable to prior consult with your doctor as it could otherwise be adversely affected by this diet on the human body.

Pregnancy and lactation. During pregnancy, this diet it is not appropriate, since it is the body has a different function and is employed with other things. Moreover, this diet can have a bad influence on children.

Medication. If you are taking or are currently being treated for any disease, talk first with your doctor. This is because some drugs can greatly affect the proper functioning of the diet and vice versa.

Purifying diet is quite intense and can produce side effects such as:

Headaches: If there is a headache, drink lots of water, on the shadows, drip a few drops of lavender oil. Take a good relax.

Constipation: If you have constipation eat a handful of flax seeds that have been previously soaked in water.

Coated tongue: Clean language with a toothbrush and rinse your mouth with lemon juice and water.

Rashes and pimples: Clean the skin good, as your body eliminates toxins and squalor.

Fatigue: We must be careful to eat enough.

We know two types of cleansing diet that lasts one month or five days. One month lasts longer and is more suitable for people who have enough time to devote to it completely. Five-day is suitable for those whose lifestyle is fast and have little time for services and other daily obligations.

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