Psoriasis diet

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis it’s a skin condition when the body is over producing skin cells or in other words there are too many skin cells on some parts of your skin. This can be shown as a dry or flaky skin and in most cases it’s itchy. A good thing is that it’s not contagious.

What can be a cause for psoriasis?

Usually psoriasis can be a cause of stress or allergies to same food. People who suffer from psoriasis will difficult get rid of, but most likely will reduce it. Why people get psoriasis it is difficult to say, that’s why it is also difficult to find a cure.

How can a diet for psoriasis help you?

Let be clear that with a healthy and balanced diet you cannot get rid of psoriasis, but you can dramatically improve the condition.

First it’s good to know what really trigger this skin condition. If it’s a particular food you will have to stop consuming this food even if you like it so much. Very popular triggers for psoriasis are oily food, spicy food, red meat and also red wine. But this depends on person, that why when you visit a doctor he can help you to allocate the food that is causing you problems.

Another issue for psoriasis is stress. When you already suffer psoriasis you can notice that when you are under the stress your condition gets worse. That’s why it is important that at that time you know how to control stress.

Green tea therapy for psoriasis

A good solution to control stress is drinking green tea. Green tea extract has many benefits to human body and one of them is also to combat stress. Besides all benefits are also known green tea skin benefits.

A research showed that green tea extract reactivate dying skin cells by sending them back to deeper layers of the skin. It has not been showed yet that green tea will eliminate psoriasis, but mean while there have been made also some green tea skin products and green tea cream is one of them.

Almond oil to defeat psoriasis

A friend who suffers from psoriasis told me that he tried almond therapy that helped him to reduce psoriasis condition. Almond oil is a popular essential oil for aromatherapies.

Almond oil properties that could help to reduce psoriasis are:

  • Moisturizers deeper
  • Soothe skin inflammation and irritation
  • Relieves dry and itchy skin

What you can do for psoriasis is to pay attention what makes your condition worse and this habit eliminate it from your daily routine.

How to reduce psoriasis tips:

  • Almond oil
  • Green tea extract
  • eliminate food that worse the condition

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