Persimmon skin benefits

Persimmon fruit, golden apple or fruit of God comes from eastern Asia. Persimmon sweet, honey flavor is good for the kidneys, liver and eyes, but since the persimmon in average contains as much vitamin C as a lemon, is also used in the beauty industry. Golden Apple will nourish the skin, moist and pleasantly refresh, in which also believed the goddess Aphrodite, which used the fruit for beautiful skin tone and the softness of her skin.

Persimmon for health and beauty

Yellow-orange fruit is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber that are important for detoxification of the organism and helps with digestion. The fruit in moderation stimulates, strengthens the immune system and successfully combat stress. It also lowers cholesterol and has a number of positive effects on the kidneys, liver and eyes. Persimmon is also useful in skin, hair, gums, teeth and bones.

Sweet and savory

Fruit some neglected because of soft core and the time required to ripen. Many people therefore prefer vanilla variety, which is unlike conventional fruit has as an apple-like structure. It is a great addition in autumn for baking cakes and you can prepare a delicious jam or syrup.

Persimmon for clear skin without acne

Its soft structure is perfect for preparing different types of facial masks and flags. Persimmons will soften the skin nice, vitamin C and A will ensure for skin shine and hydration. In combination with a spoon of curd and honey, mask is suitable for sensitive and dry skin, can rejuvenate acne-prone skin and gently clean it with a combination of lemon juice and the fruit itself. Mask can also be applied to the neck and chest, where you leave it to make the effect for 10 to 15 minutes.

Persimmon anti-cellulite

Persimmon in combination with coarse ground coffee will serve as a gentle scrub or as a pack against cellulite. For visible results you’ll need to repeat the treatment three times a week for three months. You apply the mask to the affected area (abdomen, thighs, buttocks), which is then wrapped in transparent foil.

Persimmon as quick refreshment

To quickly refresh your face, you can also use regular or vanilla Persimmon. Cut vanilla Persimmon into thin slices and arrange on the face. To eliminate the oily skin shine before using sprinkle slices with lemon juice. After the mask wash face with lukewarm water and protect with a moisturizer.

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