One month diet

A one-month cleansing diet program will thoroughly clean the body and awaken us.

One-month purifying diet is suitable for people who have enough time to devote to them self and the diet. Even if you do not have enough options to stay at home and take a long vacation, you can still follow this simple diet.

The desire for a successful diet must be very strong. If our subconscious is directed towards ensuring that we follow the diet simply because it is a necessary evil and we want to just to try it, we will not get any benefit. The desire for success in the diet must be strong and we have to firmly believe in it that we stick to the end. Only in this way you will truly succeed.

Before we begin, you have to buy essential oils and peaceful music you. At home remove all things that disturb us and put in a bad mood. Explain to family members, friends and work colleagues that in the next month you will eat and live a little differently. We will book weekends and holidays for our own. It wise, that we make a food supply. We have to be careful that vegetables, fruits, meat and fish are fresh as much as possible. As with any diet, is also for this diet essential to avoid smoking, because smoking is a strong poison to the body. During the detoxification also avoid consumption of stimulants and drugs, which are not prescribed by a doctor. However, if you are already taking any medicines, consult a doctor before you start a cleansing diet. You should also avoid caffeine and caffeinated products.

Purifying diet plan

Everyday first in the morning drink a squeezed lemon juice and a glass of warm water. This will be followed by some morning yoga or stretching exercises. During the week you can postpone the exercises to the evening time. During the day drink at least two liters of water. Prepare bath with essential oils several times a week or at weekends. Breakfast should be light and on weekends it is advisable to have a drink for liver cleansing.

A drink for the liver flush:

  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 6 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tablespoon of minced fresh ginger

Mix all ingredients in blender and mix until the ingredients are mixed and foaming. Warning: If you have or are having problems with gallstones, this beverage is avoided.

Every day around noon, drink freshly squeezed juice from fruits or vegetables. Half an hour before lunch and dinner prepare a ginger tea. Lunch will be the biggest meal of the day, but it must be light and easily digestible. You will have to have a dinner as early as possible, preferably before 18 hour. And you will go to bed early.

It is recommended to start a diet at the end of weekend, because the body in the first two days will began a little resist and can cause headaches.

First week

In the first week we will start slowly and gradually reduce and change our daily meals. Gradually, we avoid fast food, indigestible food, caffeine, alcohol, sweets and sugar, dairy products from cow’s milk, red meat, white bread and pastries, shellfish, and large quantities of salt. We’ll begin to enjoy nutritious food, such as cereals, vegetables, fruit and salad. You will also eat fish, chicken, nuts, legumes and tofu.

For a good start, it is appropriate to start with light exercises. Decide what form of exercise, you will deal between diet and time after.

An example: a light lunch with a spring salad or an omelet stuffed with eggplant.

Second week

In the second week we started to eat more fresh food. Over the weekend we will stay away from meats and cereals and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. During the week we will prepare a light lunch like the previous week. If we are full of energy, one of the main meals can be replaced with fruit juice, for example: carrot juice, which has to be enjoyed slowly. At least four times a week you will focus on training that we like, but if possible make training every day, so you will have more dynamic body.

Third week

In the third week we continue with the diet as the second week and once a day, you make a carrot or cranberry juice. With it we will clean the kidneys and liver. It is also recommended for the morning meal to consume red grapes, if available. We still continue to exercise as before. At the end of the week exercise should be more calm and light.

Fourth week

Meals and exercise in this week are the same as in the third. At the end of the week you can congratulate a well done job, clean body and the accumulated energy.

After one-month of cleansing diet, you can slowly return to your old rhythm of life. But you have to be careful not to return to old rhythm too quickly as you can shock your body. With the slow introduction of the old food in your life, you can find out which food best suits your body and how the body responds to it. Any food, which is causing us problems after consuming it, can become a part of the food that is not appropriate for us.

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