Lemonade diet

For every diet is it important that you don’t forget to drink a lot of water, or liquids. Sometimes it is good that you substitute water with other liquids like green tea, lemonade etc. We all know the benefits of green tea extract and vitamin C for the skin. That’s why a good lemonade diet is also a solution to get a healthy skin. If you go to find some information about vitamin C benefits, you will see that lemon, and all other citrus fruits contain bigger substances of vitamin C. If this vitamin C is so important for the skin you can just benefit from lemonade diet. Besides you can even lose some weight and make your body slim.

Liquids have a function to detoxify the body and cleanse all unwanted toxins. Maintaining the body cleanse from inside you can benefit also if you have an oily skin. So a diet with lemonade can be a substitute to oily skin diet. Even a lot of celebrities are using lemonade diet for years to lose some weight and detoxify their body. With this diet you can have two benefits within just one. A good balanced diet can only lead to health.

How does lemon affect on the body?

Lemons have been used for hundreds of years to help detoxify liver and kidneys. Lemon helps to improve digestion and clear out the bowels. It is rich of vitamins C and B and gives more energy to our body.

With body detoxification the immune system gets stronger and your body is able to digest all food faster. With lemonade diet more nutrients will be absorbed from the food and the toxins will be cleansed out from the body.


  • Clearer skin
  • Feel healthier
  • Increase energy level
  • Better absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Better mental concentration
  • And weight loss

How to use lemonade diet?

First you have to know that with this diet you will feel better and healthier, but if you suffer from high blood pressure, you are pregnant, diabetes or other health problems it is better that you first consult a doctor.

However for maximum benefits we recommend to use the diet for 14 days every two months. Your skin will be clearer and will shine in a healthy appearance.

Today it is possible to get lemonade pills that will help you to detoxify your body. The key ingredients in those lemonade pills are:

Lemonade complex (400mg)

Lemonade Complex forms the core of the Lemonade Diet Supplement with its natural blend of ingredients chosen for their ability to naturally support health weight loss. It is fortified with Lemonade Concentrate, Maple Sugar Powder and Molasses.

Metabolic Complex (134.33mg)

This Complex contains Cissus Quadrangularis-2.5% ketosteroids, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Cayenne Pepper.

Detoxification complex (166.67mg)

The detoxification complex in our supplement includes Senna Leaf Extract, Parsley Fruit Extract, and Asparagus root Extract.

Natural ingredients in detoxification complex help to cleanse our system through gentle and safe means. This addition to the famous Master Cleanse diet formula separates the Lemonade Diet from that original recipe, giving it added properties that help to improve you overall health.

Clear Skin Diet

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