Lemon benefits

This miracle fruit has an incredible amount of beauty and healing effects. Among other things, has already been used by our grandmothers for a stronger and more beautiful nails.

Lemon nail-whitening

With squeezed residue of lemon you can regularly massage your nails every day. Massage with one half, left arm and with other half right arm. Within a month you will notice a big difference. Your nails will become stronger and especially whiter. Another recipe for whitening nails is to dive nails for 10 minutes into lemon juice, then rinse with warm water to which you add white vinegar. Lemon is also good for chapped and dry hands. Mix lemon juice with water in which you soaked leaves of roses and rub the mixture into your hands. If your hands are heavily cracking, add to the mixture coarse sugar and rub. After a few minutes, rinse with warm water and lubricate with extra virgin olive oil.

Lemon benefits and skin beauty

If you have oily skin, squeeze the juice of half lemon into a glass of water and wash your face. Dry your face with a clean towel, but do not rub. Lemon will help maintain the natural pH of the skin, which is especially important in summer when the skin is oilier.

Alternatively, you can freeze lemon juice mixed with water frozen into ice cubes. Wrap pieces of ice in cloth and gently massage the face. Skin will be less oily and the face refreshed and cooled.

Against dark circles under the eyes you can use the two halves of lemon, which you apply as lubricant to the area under the eyes and then rinse with water. It is important that lemon juice does not set in your eyes, because burns. After some time the skin will be bright and shiny again.

If you have spots and you want to get rid of them, you will be again assisted by lemon. Apply several times per day lemon juice on the spots. Its acid will exfoliate upper layers of the skin and freckles will be faded or disappeared.

Lemon oil benefits

From freshly grated lemon peels is produced lemon oil, which has a fresh, strong and distinctive smell. For liter of oil is needed 1000 lemons. Lemon oil is used for calming the sebaceous glands, which excessive action causes oily and impure skin. This oil is also good against acne, greasy hair and dandruff.

It also promotes circulation and is therefore good in the fight against cellulite. It refresh skin and it can be used for mild exfoliation. Prolonged use of lemon oil helps to get rid of capillaries, soften scars and removes warts and corns.

Lemon oil has a beneficial impact on our emotions. It is refreshing and invigorating, it helps to maintain a good memory and concentration. It can calm or prevent emotional outbursts, depression, soothes and relieves fears.

Lemon cleanses the liver and kidneys

More specifically it is advisable to eat lemons, if you want to clean the body of toxins. You’ll get more vitamin C, you will feel better, while lemon will clean liver and kidney, organs that drain toxic substances from the body.

Citric acid in lemon, in addition to speed up digestion, stimulates digestive enzymes responsible for better blood flow and reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Many people worry that too excessive consumption of lemons, could lead to pain in the stomach.

Lemons are acidic, but stomach acid is much more, so you can be sure that the lemon juice will not cause you problems. With increasing amounts of potassium, it triggers a chain reaction that neutralizes acid formation.

Curiously, but a lemon is actually an “anti-acid” mean. In the summer there is no more healthy and refreshing drink such as lemonade without sugar.

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