Lavender skin benefits

Small bush with high stems and four square springs is known by its distinctive gentle scent. Lavender, whose name derives from the word “lavare” and refers to the word “wash, sleep ‘comes from the Arab countries and is at least 2500 years old. It was used by ancient Greeks and Romans, who have shared its delicious fragrance, from which has not escaped even Queen Elizabeth I.

Lavender heal wounds

In the past it was thought that lavender deters fever, as it ignored the medieval glove manufacturer. People kept its dried flowers in the pockets of clothing, socks and shoes, and today are lavender bags still in the closet, as it flushes moths and provide longer lasting to clothing, especially coats and wool sweaters.

In America, was brought by immigrants at the beginning of the 17th century. Lavender was considered during the First World War often as a healing tool, because it works antibacterial, which was first noted by French chemist Rene Maurice Gateffosse.

During the experiment a fire caught his arm, which he put it out with the nearest liquid. This was lavender extract, which had beneficial effect on the wound.

Lavender benefits for Hair and body

Fresh lavender flowers can be gathered through the summer, most therapeutic effects will be preserved, just before are opened. Today there are approximately 30 species of lavender, which is the most significant, the one with violet-blue flowers. Contains from 0.5 to 1.5 percent essential oil.

Lavender, soaked in alcohol, strengthens the hair follicles and is ideal for massaging the scalp, lavender bath, with its characteristic scent, relaxes both body and spirit. You can also use it as bath salts or lavender soaps.

Lavender cures acne skin and headaches

Lavender has a beneficial impact on the oily akin and acne-prone skin. Natural lavender soap will disinfect the skin and taken away unpleasant oily shine, and help to inhibit the formation of new impurities. Lavender is also added to different lavender shampoo and conditioner, which are particularly suitable for oily hair.

You can also envisage lavender face mask, which is composed of two tablespoons of thyme, a teaspoon lemon peel, two teaspoons of vinegar and three domestic tablespoons of lavender. Massage the mixture into the hair and wash well.

Another lavender benefit is that it prevents headaches, that’s why is the use of essential lavender fragrance recommended especially in places where we spend most of the time.

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