Home remedies for dry skin

Home remedies for dry skin

Dry skin on the face and the body is a very common problem. It may itch and in extreme cases, bursting, which is very painful. It does not matter how expensive ‘moisturizers’ you use, cosmetics is not always enough.

There are many factors that make the skin dry, so it is very important to protect the skin from them and maintain moisturizing care. Here are some tips on how to prevent the appearance of dry skin.

How to prevent the appearance of dry skin

Use sun protective factor when you’re in the sun as sun can dry the skin thoroughly. Protect your skin by using moisturizer with sun protection factor of at least 15. The cream will not only feed dry skin, but also prevent the emergence of new ones. For even better protection wear a hat or cap or you can simply take an umbrella, if you expose the sun longer.

Bath and shower in lukewarm water because hot water dries the skin. But if you want a hot bath, add moisturizing oils.

When you shower, use a moisturizing gel. Normal soap can dry out the skin, itching occurs, the skin moisturizer care with moisture.

Drink plenty of water. Water hydrates the entire body as well as skin. Drinking water will moisture your skin, helping to treat dry skin from the inside.

Moisturize your skin in the morning and evening. If your skin is very dry, use a strong oil-based moisturizer. This will help healthy skin cells to grow better and replace the dead.

Use a scrub at least once a week, as it removes dead skin cells and allow new cells to grow.

Natural remedies for dry skin

Dry skin can occur in all parts of the body. The situation that can occur due to heredity, aging, cold, central heating or wind can be very annoying. Dry skin can also save a natural way.

For skin care use a lot of oils that are rich in vitamin E. You can buy them in stores with natural products. Suitable are olive, almond oil and all baby oil.

In your diet include fish oil, because dry skin can cause lack of vitamin A and fish oil skin supply the body with fish oil and vitamin D.

After taking a shower or bath as often as possible, use lotion with aloe vera and cocoa butter. Also, before you go to the cold.

The temperature in the home should be somewhere between 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. If the house is warmer, it is highly likely that your skin will get dry.

Use a humidifier, it will prevent skin dryness.

In your skin diet include alpha hydroxy acids, which will help in the formation of new skin cells. Alpha hydroxy acids can be found in milk, apples, grapes, tomatoes, citrus fruits and berries. For a softer skin eat that food.

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