Home made skin cream recipes

Our hands are daily exposed to harmful environmental influences. On the fresh air cause a lot of trouble the wind, which dries and crack the skin and at home and work, my homemade mango butter face and body cream.jpgskin has to get used to room temperature.

Constantly changing temperatures, therefore, requires thorough care and the best effect, you will make from home made skin cream.

Rapid exfoliation for better effect

Beautiful hands have always been considered as a sign of personal cleanliness and orderliness, so it is right to worry for them all year round. Hands will be grateful to your weekly exfoliation, which can be done in minutes, during dishwashing, or while working in the kitchen.

On wet hands shake a tablespoon of sugar and rub well your hands on both sides. Rinse extra sugar with water and feed hands with a rich moisturizing cream from the local cuisine.

Night skin care

If the skin of your hands is in a very bad condition, afford yourself a night treatment. Hands thoroughly cover with a cream and put on cotton socks. After you will remove socks in the morning, the skin on your hands will be soft, smooth and reborn. Signs of cracked skin will disappear. Pay some attention also to the care of cuticles, so when applying this cream gently push it away from the nails.

Home made skin cream for very dry hands

4 tablespoons of beeswax

2 teaspoons of mango butter

8 teaspoons of coconut oil

10 drops of essential oil

Mix the warm wax and butter. Gradually add coconut oil and finally the essential oil. Stir until the mixture becomes soft and comfortable easily to spread. Store it in a convenient jar.

Home made Almond cream for hands

1 / 4 cup of coffee beeswax

1 / 2 coffee cup almond oil

1 / 2 coffee cup coconut oil

1 / 4 cup of coffee Flower water

In saucepan over low heat add beeswax and almond oil. In another saucepan warm the rose water, which you can buy or make one yourself from half a cup of boiling water, pouring it over a cup of flower blossoms of your choice and let stand 10 minutes. Then, remove the flowers and cool liquid to a pleasant temperature. Add to Rosewood water the coconut oil and group liquid from both bowels. Mix well and pour into jars until the mixture is still warm.

Home made Cream for mature skin

4 teaspoons of Shea Butter

2 teaspoons of oil from the seeds of the plant camellias

10 drops of essential oil

Melt Shea butter and stir it with camellias oil. Mix all together well and add 10 drops of essential oil of your choice. Pour cream in glass jars before it finally cool.

Home made Cocoa cream for sensitive skin

4 teaspoons of beeswax

4 teaspoons of cocoa butter

4 teaspoons of almond oil

In a skillet melt beeswax and cocoa butter. When the ingredients are well-merged, add almond oil and pour in handy glasses.

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