Health benefits of basil

It is not just for a cooking spice aroma, but this royal ‘herb’ can do much more.

Dry basil

That in winter you will not run out of aromatic basil, you can also dry this plant. Cut the stem just above the ground, connect them in a bouquet and dry. When completely dry, crush the herb and store it in a tight container.


For the stomach and intestines

Fresh leaves help with indigestion, bloating, lack of appetite and cramps.

Against stings

Crushed leaves have anti-inflammatory effect – simply rub the point of bite.

For revive

Herb soothes our nerves and stimulates and encourages the same time. It is said that even stimulates libido.

Basil Tea

Basil tea makes wonders for menstrual problems: relieves pain and spasms. It also helps with menopause problems.

Abdominal pain killers: If you suffer from a feeling of fullness, bloating or you have a urinary tract infection; you can take from 2 to 3 cups of tea per day.

Iced Packs of basil tea help to speed up wound healing. If you want to regenerate your skin slightly, put a few drops of tea in the bath water.

For the mouth breath and throat inflammation, help yourself with rinsing and gargling tea.

Recipe for basil tea: 2 tsp of dried basil pour with 200 ml boiling water. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes and drain tea.

Basil oil

When you have cough and colds, it is recommended inhaling the essential oil of basil. In the case of migraines and insomnia you can drop over tea light few drops of oil or make a massage with basil oil on shades – also enhances concentration!

Careful when buying basil oil! The best is to buy European species, which contain only 25 to 50 percent of the ether; other can have 90 percent of ether, which can cause severe skin irritation.

Basil mus

For 4 people you need: 3 sheets of gelatin, 2 lemon, 50 g powdered sugar, 1 bunch basil (6 to 8 sprigs), 250 g cheese, and 200 ml cream


1. Gelatin soaks for 5 minutes in cold water. During stirring, heat the lemon juice, lemon zest and powdered sugar. Squeeze the gelatin; dissolve it in lemon juice and leave to cool.

2. Wash basil, shake it till dry and stir together with ricotta and lemon gelatin mixture.

3. Beat together cream firm and stir in cottage cheese by weight. For 3 hours in the refrigerator and then serve with fruit.

New skin diet


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