Green tea for skin

Liquids are essential for our health whatever we do. And so are important in healthy skin diet. You should know that you have to keep your body hydrated all the time, not only when you feel that you are thirsty. You should keep in your mind that you have to drink to maintain your body at good shape and condition all the time, not only when you are practicing sport, when you lose bigger quantities of liquids. If your body will stay hydrated, also your skin will benefit from it. Especially when you are getting older your skin will look younger, if you kept your skin moisturized all day long.

Why are liquids so important for human body and skin?

First of all liquids help to keep the body hydrated and help to clean toxins, which can come trough food, polluted air and other factors. Water for example can replace liquids, which we loss while breathing and sweating. Also soaps, bath gels can make your skin dry and at least two litters of water can help your skin regain its moisture naturally, without expensive moisturizers.

When you drink, you can combine water with green tea. Green tea is very good antioxidant, better then vitamin C, that’s why there have been made many green tea products from green tea skin extract, which could be used topically or oral.

Green tea, black tea or white tea will help to improve the digestion and the same time burn bad fats from your body. EGCG extract, is good at preventing skin cancer, helps to reactivate dying skin cells, fights against free radicals, has well anti inflammatory properties and helps to heal wounded skin faster than usual. All these properties make green tea an excellent dietary supplement, which should be included in every skin diet. If you don’t like the taste of green tea, you can find green tea capsules, which are great alternative for a better concentration of green tea extract.

Green tea skin products

As green tea extract has excellent properties, today it is possible to find many green tea skin products on market shelf. You will not believe, but you can find herbal soaps, green tea creams, lotions, shampoo, toothpaste, acne creams, scar removal creams, green tea facial masks and much more from camellia sinensis extract.

However green tea was discovered in Asia, where people used to drink tea instead of coffee. Asian has longer living and less cancer diseases, because of green tea benefits. Lately is black tea becoming very popular also in other parts of the world like Europe and USA.

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