Grape benefits for skin

Grapes in the cosmetics industry in recent years are becoming a real hit, since it contains many vitamins, fruit acids, minerals and antioxidants that inhibit skin aging.

Harvest is gone and most of you probably do not even know that from grapes, we do not produce only wine, but it can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Grapes are one of the oldest types of fruit, as it was known already in Ancient Greece, when Noah had a vineyard on the mountain of Arafat.

Ancient beauties were with grapes firming their skin and extending their beauty until late in the mature years. Skin care with grapes was also popular at the court of French King Louis XIV. Noblemen and noblewoman massaged their face with a grape juice to hide traces of fatigue and to make skin soft, shiny and taut.

The star is born

A star was born 15 years ago. In 1993, the region of Bordeaux began to conduct research that would confirm the grapes benefits for skin, which were found in the writings of ancient Greece. At that time, had also found that kernels of grapes, contains the active ingredients that fight against free radicals of antioxidants and vitamin E and C, which are considered as the most effective vitamin to fight aging.

Well, either it is no wonder that cosmetics industry welcomed the findings and began to explore further. A little later, in 1999, they opened the first wellness center, offering wine therapy and treatments, associated with grapes and wine.

Thus, the lining of grapes, wine bath and massage with precious oils from grape pips, very quickly become law attraction wellness centers.

Secrets of the youthful appearance

Grapes are rich in bioflavonoid (specific group of plant pigments that have a high antioxidant potential), which protects skin cells against free radicals, which are responsible for the irregularities in our skin. Seeds contain Polyphenol, which protects skin from harmful external influences; in combination with other agents ensure good blood circulation to keep the natural elasticity and skin moisture. The result is soft and smooth skin.

Grapes also contain phosphoric acid and silica, which is responsible for the beauty of skin and hair. This is a natural tonic and is very nutritious for organism. It contains vitamins A, B, C and E, minerals such as sodium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and malice, tartaric, and citric acid. Besides these substances in grapes, disinfect and clean the skin and narrow pores.

Beauty comes from within

Grapes are not only useful in cosmetics, but we have also to eat it a lot. The ingredients that the body gets from wine, grapes and juices are proven to reduce cholesterol levels promote blood circulation and strengthen the heart, blocks premature aging and immune system. Grapes pure organism, which is very good, if we want to lose a few pounds.

Therefore, we suggest a diet of grapes. It is enough that every day of the week, you eat 500 grams of grapes in combination with other low calorie products. You can treat yourself with a two-day cure, which is the best over the weekend. In two days you divide 1000 to 1500 g of grapes and drink 2 liters of herbal tea per day.

Skin Wine Therapy

Grapes and wine are working very positively to our beauty and health. When the French discovered all secrets of wine, the wine therapy has become one of the main offers in wellness centers. There is evidence that such treatment accelerates blood circulation, collagen production, taking out the impurities from the connective tissue, and therefore the skin becomes firmer, toned and radiant. For fruit acids is known that are good to remove dead skin cells, which results in skin regeneration.

With wine therapy also pigment spots disappear, which are a result of excessive sun, hormonal activity, and premature aging. Unsaturated acid fats give the skin moisture and elasticity and help to get rid of unnecessary water, which stagnates and is responsible for cellulite. Four wine therapies for skin.

Skin diet

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