Food for glowing skin

As is for fit body essential daily sport activity and healthy diet, so is important for the skin that we have daily activities, we take care of the skin and we sleep enough. Which are those 5 ingredients in skin diet for shiny, smooth and youthful skin?

1. Fish

Fish are an important source of omega-3 acid fats, which help to prevent the dryness and skin inflammation. Research even showed that those people who don’t eat enough food with omega-3 rich fats have a bigger probability to develop skin eczema and lupus as people who eat omega-3 rich acid fats. Besides omega-3 fats improve heart and veins, improve blood circulation, which with oxygen feeds skin and is essential for youthful and shiny appearance. Another skin important element which is found in fish and shells is zinc. Zinc is essential in fighting against acne and blotchy skin. Most effective skin care creams in fighting against acne are creams that contain zinc.

2. Fruits rich of vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in production of collagen, which is essential for smooth, firm skin. When we rich 30 years of age the levels of collagen in our body starts to lower, that’s why it is important that you start eating oranges, lemons, grapefruit and other vitamin C rich fruits. Besides these kind of fruit contains also antioxidants, which binds harmful free radicals in our body. Free radicals can cause a lot of damage, one the damages is premature aging. If you start consuming vitamin C early enough, you can prevent premature aging, wrinkles and other age signs.

3. Red, orange and green vegetables

Carrots, red cabbage, radishes, spinach, mangel and other types of red, orange and green vegetables is a rich source of beta-carotene and vitamin A, which plays an important role of keeping the skin shiny and smooth. Vitamin A has antioxidant properties and helps to prevent the damaging of skin cells and premature aging. It stimulates the growing of new young cells and as Zink is effective for acne treatment, that’s why could be found in many acne care creams. So if you want to have a nice glow skin, eat every day vegetables that contain beta-carotene and vitamin A.

4. Nuts

Almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio nuts and other nuts are rich source of vitamin E, which is essential for the protection of the skin, against UV radiation. UV radiation is the most dangerous component for skin cancer and skin aging, that’s why is exposing to sun very dangerous. Vitamin E other function is to keep the skin moisturized and fight against free radicals, which cause skin aging. Nuts also contain a lot of omega-3 acid fats.

5. Whole grain products

Genuine whole grain products help to have skin cleaner and moisturized. Whole grains are rich source of biotin, which belongs in B vitamin group, which helps in the production of fats, which are essential to keep skin moisturized. So if your skin does not contain enough biotin, your skin will look dry and lupus, which is the cause of extreme dryness. Besides research shows that people who eat whole grain food have better texture and better complexion. Try to eat whole grain bread, pancakes, pasta made from whole grain flour etc.

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