Essential oils for body

For shinny skin and healthy hair

Valuable component in the oils provide at the moment velvety skin and shiny hair. But oils are much more versatile; in addition to cosmetic effects also release tense muscles and combat stress. Therefore, we offer some of the best oil for face, body and soul.

Small oil encyclopedia

There are two big types of oils: fatty and ethereal. The first are such as jojoba, sesame or almond oil. They are liquid and viscous and have a very intensive care. In contrast, essential oils consist of a substantial proportion of water, wonderfully fragrant and quickly evaporate. To them belongs mandarin oil, which with its excellent aroma relieves stress. As well as tea tree oil, which ingredients heal and clean skin. Both types of oils are perfectly combined – it also prevents the rapid evaporation of essential substances. The right combination is 3 to 5 drops of essential oil and from 50 to 100 ml of fatty oils.

Olive oil against the tension in the poll

With olive oil will be tense poll and neck released again. To this purpose, massage a dash of oil to the neck and shoulders, cover with plastic wrap and towel and rest for half an hour. Thin oil film on the skin will create a thermal bridge and heated muscle. This will speed up the circulation and slowly released the tension.

Avocado oil for smooth neckline

From avocado derived oil contains a specific fatty substance called oleic acid. It is similar to natural skin fat, which protects against moisture loss, so it can be easily absorb by skin cells. This is ideal for maintaining a beautiful neckline: every day massage a dash of avocado oil in a circular motion in the chest and you will still be wearing shirts with a deep neckline for many years.

Wheat germ oil against cellulite

Oil is produced from wheat germ and is a real fitness coach for the skin tissue. The range of fatty acids and vitamins promote collagen production, and wash waste material from the organism and thus diminish cellulite. Mix 10 ml of wheat germ oil with 30 ml of sesame oil and mix thoroughly massage into critical parts of the body – preferably every day.

Oil from the seeds of camellias for shine in your hair

Have you ever wondered why Japanese have so silky and shiny hair? Because they use oil camellias. Actually there is no need to do other than once a week massage in hair decorations and headset 1 to 2 tablespoons of camellias oil. After 15 minutes wash it with shampoo. Rich ingredients in the oil smooth outer layer of the hair, so that have better reflect light and shine fantastic.

Tip: For the hair can be also used coconut oil. Regular head and scalp massage with coconut oil will ensure that your scalp will be without dandruff, you can also use it as a natural conditioner as with proteins perfectly nourish and feeds hair, recovers the vitality and promotes regrowth of damaged hair. Because of these coconut oil properties is used in manufacturing a wide range of hair care products. It is very effective to remove lice and their eggs (nits).

Almond oil for hands care

Rough skin will be using almond oil again, soft and gentle. In oil stored fat skin make skin soft as silk, youthful Vitamin E smoothes wrinkles and further protects against age-pigment patches. Therefore, treat your hands once a week, with the following recipe: mix 10 ml of almond oil and 3 drops of tea tree oil and then massage mix for 5 minutes in hands. Residues blot with cosmetic tissue or cotton wool.

Tip: For hands care you may also use a mask with buckthorn and argan oil. Prepare it as follows: 25 ml of buckthorn oil mix with 5 drops of argan oil and rub it into the damaged and dehydrated skin. Allow the skin to absorb the mask, and then gently remove the excess fat with cotton wool or tissue.

Jojoba oil for clean skin tone

In addition to substances that prevent infection, jojoba oil contains rich minerals and vitamins. This regulates the sebum in the skin – for example, is effective against pimples and prevents drying of the skin. Cleanser care product can be prepared as follows: Mix 20 ml of jojoba oil and 2 drops of essential oil of dry flowers. Dip gauze in mixture and place for 10 minutes on the face. Repeat every two weeks.

Evening primrose oil for relaxation

With foot bath get rid of stress: 30 ml of primrose oil mix with 2 drops of essential oil of mandarin. Place mixture in a tub with water heated to 38 degrees Celsius and soak feet for 15 minutes in it. The combination of heat and mandarin will relax immediately. Beauty plus is care for feet!

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