Collagen deficiency

Collagen deficiency

Most people at the word collagen think about the skin. Collagen is really a major component of skin. But collagen is much more. Without collagen, the human body would simply disintegrate. It acts as an adhesive for muscles, bones, tissue and ligaments. It also has another role, function, because it helps your body to operate normally.

When the body gets older, there is less collagen in the skin and first wrinkles appear. The skin is no more supple and elastic and it loses its shine. Collagen is one of most important protein in our body; it also supports all the internal organs and even our teeth.

It works quite differently than other proteins, as it is found outside and inside cells. Collagen supports tissue with elastin. To put it simply gives the tissue its form, ensures their strength and power. Elastin provides flexibility, which is also very important. These properties or function of collagen and elastin are important for the lungs, bones and ligaments. But even for the blood vessels.

Fibers of collagen are woven between them like a rope or fabric, forming a framework where new cells can grow. When the body has to build a new cellular structure, which is always going on in the treatment are collagen and its parts extremely important.

Collagen deficiency, less power

Over the years the production of collagen in the body decreases. As we said earlier, on the outside we see an older, more wrinkled skin that is losing youthful tension. The thing that we do not see is what is happening in the body. This can only be felt: weakened skeleton is also attenuated due to the connecting tissue, which also applies to the muscles. When we have less collagen are affected more and more functions. We are becoming weaker and tired more quickly, reducing our capacity. Because of collagen deficiency, we don’t lose weight and have poor sleep, which is almost hard to believe, but it is nevertheless true.

Part of the healing process of blood vessels, heart and skin is collagen synthesis. Research has shown that many amino acids in collagen acts as a sort of Teflon coating around the lipoprotein particles in plaque that accumulates in the blood vessels.

Plaque (vessel lining) is very well known, as extremely dangerous for heart attack and stroke. Put is simply, this reverse the process of loading of dangerous plaque in blood vessel walls.

Together with vitamin C, collagen affects the natural process of renewal of the wall blood vessels to become stronger. It is interesting that in some EU countries introduced in the treatment of arthritis, glucosamine and collagen.

Collagen deficiency less support for joints and bones

Collagen is also important for bones, ligaments and cartilage. It is particularly high in the joints and around them. Collagen is the substance that provides flexibility of joints. Unfortunately, joints over the years wear.

Although like all tissues, also joints are constantly renewed, this cannot be performed quickly and thoroughly enough, because joints have poor blood supply. Bones with sufficient collagen are strong as steel. Bones which doesn’t have enough collagen is like a bad wood and can rapidly break. This is particularly important in patients with osteoporosis.

Collagen is involved in almost everything that happens in the human body. It is not only important for beautiful and youthful skin, as most people think. It is important for the health of the entire body.

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