Coconut oil skin

Increasingly recognized and used coconut oil is not only good for nutrition, but it is also increasingly used in the cosmetics industry.

Quality coconut oil, over which you will probably already like because of its smell, retains its natural flavor and beneficial effects from ecological recovery. Beauty industry it is also beginning to realize healing powers of coconut oil, which began to use it more frequently.

This white gold is used for both hair and skin care. Coconut oil that at a slightly lower temperature changes in the overlay butter cream is excellent as moistening agent for the body, in the form of oil is very nutritious and an excellent conditioner for hair.

Coconut oil skin care

Coconut Cream strengthens our skin and nourishes it and with its ability to regeneration also keeps it fresh and healthy. The appearance of the skin and its texture with regular use of coconut cream is improved significantly, as well as the skin becomes more elastic and moisturized.

Coconut Cream nourishes the nails, which are a more healthy and shiny. The advantage of the cream is in a small molecular structure, making the cream quickly and easily absorbed.

In skillet, heat a little beeswax and in the ratio 1: 3 add the coconut oil. Mixture may be also optionally adding a little lemon. When you get solidified cream butter, cool it and gently rub into the skin of the face or body.

The skin is after coconut oil treatment more radiant, fresh and smooth. Since is fat and contains a natural sedative, it is ideal for dry and depleted skin. Coconut oil also helps the skin retain water, which is especially important during hot summer days.

Coconut oil is also recommended for adults as for children’s with problematic and sensitive skin.

Coconut oil hair care

Natural coconut oil, with the help of minerals magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron will make your hair softer and more flexible. The oil will penetrate deeply into the hair follicles and thus restore the weakened and damaged hair ends. Coconut oil is also excellent natural dandruff remover and preventative.

Coconut oil or butter which is at room temperature transformed into oil, initially evenly apply over the entire length of hair, and then with gentle circular motions rub into the scalp. Leave it to operate about half an hour, then apply the shampoo to the hair and rinse it all well.

Coconut oil is suitable for all skin types and for all hair types.

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