Clay mask for oily skin

Clay cleans oily skin

The most typical and recognizable sign of oily skin is oily sheen. The skin is usually thick and insensitive. Oily skin is also characterized by large pores, which is due to increased fats like to clog. For this purpose clay has a very big role, because the clean the pores and you can also make a daily gentle exfoliation.

Oily skin with dry epidermis

There are two types of oily skin. First one is actually grease due to excess fat and on the skin are visible increased pores around the nose, cheeks and forehead.

The second type of oily skin is one that has dry epidermis. This means that the skin looks dry, under callous layer of cells are large pores that clog usually under the skin and cause deep under skin pimples. They are painful to the touch and very difficult to clean.

Oily skin can be inherited or caused by excessive secretion of male sex hormone testosterone. It is produced also by the female body as is sexually growing, that’s why if you have oily skin during puberty almost normal.

Oily skin needs to be consistently clean

If you have a bulge under the skin, which have to be previously softened under steam and punctured with a needle, we advise you to do the job rather a trained beautician. However, when problems are not too serious, having a consistent care can help.

The most important is cleansing the skin. As in the morning and than in the evening cleansing has to be really thorough. Use only products that are designed for oily skin treatment. Tonics usually contain alcohol, which consistently cleans grease from the face. The cream should be hydrating. These products are marked as O / V, which means that it contains more moisture and less oil.

Natural tips for oily skin care

Cleansing milk with almond hulls

For a thorough fat removal, make-up and dust from your face apply every day a dense mixture of:

–          1 cup of almond bran,

–          ½ whole milk,

–          15 ml of almond oil

Mix all ingredients well and apply immediately in a well-cleansed face, leaving out only the eye area. With fingers and slow circular motion apply content in the skin for about 5 minutes, and then simply rinse with lukewarm water. To make the effect visible, repeat the procedure for at least three months.

Facial sage water

–          4 drops of rosemary oil

–          20 ml of sage tincture (you can get it in pharmacies with natural products)

–          80 ml of an aqueous solution of Witch Hazel

On this lotion has a greasy and dirty skin a particularly good response. Rosemary cleans clogged pores and sage works as antiseptic. Dissolve rosemary oil in sage tincture, add water of Witch Hazel and store the liquid in a dark bottle. Moisten cotton ball in this liquid and clean good the face, neck and décolleté.

Clay mask for oily skin

–          1 tablespoon of healing clay

–          1 tablespoon of warm water

Mix well both ingredients mix to get the liquid pulp. With a brush apply it to a cleansed face, neck and décolleté. To make a good effect mask has be left for at least 20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. The healing clay tightens and pure the skin. Helps against acne, blemishes, oily skin and it is also effective against blackheads and large pores.

Oily skin diet

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