Benefits of carrot

Carrots are not used only in the kitchen and for the preparation of vegetable soups, sauces and salads. Orange fruits that do not require much attention and can be easily produced at home garden with a little knowledge can become an effective and natural beauty gadget that impresses us with its vibrant orange color and a pleasant sweet taste.

Health benefits of carrots

Carrot detoxifies the body, destroys bacteria and viruses, and helps maintain kidney function. With regular consumption also lowers cholesterol and protects against lung cancer, while defended babies from problems with diarrhea. Carrot contains a lot of beta-carotene, which maintains the health of the skin, hair and eyes.

Carrot is recommended to adolescents, as it contains many elements that contribute to the reconstruction and development of the body. Carrot regulates digestion, protects the large intestine and contains an abundance of minerals, especially needed by the thyroid and blood. Raises the resistance and protects against harmful environmental influences and nutrition.

Carrot detoxify the body

Carrot is a perfect tool to detoxify the body, because cleans the inside of harmful food residue. For this purpose, you can prepare vegetable cocktail that you make from the pint of carrot juice, cucumber juice and a pint of half a pint of green juice. Mix all together well and consume immediately. Do not let the juice stand, as this will lose its nutritional value.

Carrot natural tonic

For the beauty potion that prevents wrinkles and restores skin natural glow, mix deciliter of carrot juice, half a pint of green juice and half a pint of parsley juice. Drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. Same as detoxifying drink, this drink has to be enjoyed concurrently.

The same effect is achieved by using natural tonic for the face. You need a half cup of carrot juice and cucumber and a cup of lemon juice. Use tonic every night.

Carrot for nice skin tone

Carrot is also an excellent tool for good and healthy complexion. If you eat carrot before and after the summer you can be proud of a nice even skin tone, as well as your skin will be evenly colored after sunbathing. If you don’t like carrots best, prepare carrot in a salad or cut carrot into sticks and dip them in yoghurt sauce.

You will achieve nice skin tone also with a mask of grated carrots and sweet cream. Allow the mixture to stand for one hour and then apply to face, neck and décolleté. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Be sure you immediately wash your hands after application with soap, as you can be gently colored by carrots.

Carrot face mask

Pale and dry skin will be impressed with the carrot mask, which can be prepared from carrots and milk. Grate well larger carrots and pour with a half of milk cup. Allow to stand for an hour and then apply soaked carrot to the face. Remove carrot face mask after 10 minutes. The skin will be more flexible, smoother and with brighter skin tone.

Carrot against acne

Cooked carrots successfully remove under skin acne and ulcerated spots. Allow the carrot to cool slightly, then cut into slices and cover the affected acne areas. Cover with gauze, patch with white glue and let stand overnight. For acne pimples remember to use few drops of lemon juice that will care as a natural disinfectant.

These are some of the benefits of carrot. However carrot is rich of vitamin A, which can help to improve vision.

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