B blood type diet

People, who have the flow of blood of group B, in the opinion of the researcher and physician Peter D’Adam, have the maximum genetic potential and are almost omnivores. How to follow b blood type diet? If you want to have more information about b blood type diet follow this link: b blood type diet

Blood group B is younger than already presented blood group 0 and A. This blood group was formed about ten to fifteen thousand years ago somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains in the region of today present Pakistan and India. This blood group was formed according to the conditions that were difficult in that area – unfavorable climate, food less than too much and even one that was, it was unique, so the blood became “strong”. At that time, people ate mainly dairy products and crops, which were difficult to find, so it was tough struggle for survival, and survived only those with good immune systems. Because of difficult living conditions are the representatives of blood group B almost omnivores.

Characteristics of blood group B

People, with blood group B, in the opinion of the researcher and physician Peter D’Adam have maximum genetic potential. Difficult conditions in which the blood group was formed, now allow these people to be incredibly capable of adapting and learning. Group B has a common point with blood group A, because in stressful situations, also group B produces too much cortisol. His research for the group B is completed as that blood group B is less prone to diseases. Even trophy for the most balanced mental health after years of research belonged to group B, which has overtaken all other blood types. However, D’Adamo advises to maintain health with exercise, which is the best that is both challenging for the mind and body. D’Adamo suggests martial arts, tennis, golf, cycling, which of course are not the only ones on the list.

Instructions for diet

If you following the instructions of blood group diet you lose weight, but you also do a lot for well-being, if you enjoy foods that are blood group B appropriate. You will feel not so good when eating pestle neutral foods. It can be even harmful to the body, if you eat everything that is in the group of inadequate food.

For the group B are listed as a nutritious food especially cereals, a detailed list of foods that cause unwanted weight is the following: corn, which blocks the metabolism and cause hypoglycemia; on the low blood glucose levels also affect the lentils, peanuts, sesame seeds, buckwheat and wheat. All of these elements also affect the metabolism slowing down, while the lens damage and interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

And what are those “real” ingredients that will help to slim? You will stimulate metabolism with green vegetables, meat, liver, eggs and dairy products. You will get rid of hypoglycemia or low blood glucose levels by drinking licorice tea. A quick review of ingredients clearly shows that is nice to have blood type B.

Adequate food for blood group B

Meat: lamb, mutton, rabbit, venison

Fish: sturgeon, caviar, raw salmon, sole, swordfish, sea trout, halibut, sea salmon, sea devil, flounder, halibut, hake, whitefish, cod, redfish, river perch, sardines, mackerel, herring, marinated herring, pike, rainbow trout, haddock, sea bass.

Dairy products: feta, goat cheese, cream cheese, goat milk, kefir, mozzarella, cottage cheese, salt, skimmed or 1.6-percent milk, yogurt.

Cereals and cereal products: oat flakes and flour, rice flakes, cakes, flour, waffles, bread baked in integrated rice, Spelt, Millet, Essen bread.

Vegetables: beetroot, red beet leaves, broccoli, cabbage, kale, beans, mushrooms, mustard, pepper, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, parsley, eggplant.

Fruit: pineapples, bananas, cranberries, papaya, plums, grapes.

Neutral foods for blood group B:

Meat: beef, liver, pheasant, turkey, veal.

Fish: sea snails, tuna, carp, pilgrim scallops, cuttlefish, squid, catfish, trout, shark.

Dairy products: brie, butter, Camembert, Parmesan, cheese from buffalo milk Cheddar, Edam, Emmental, whole milk, whey, Swiss cheese, soy cheese, soy milk, cream cheese.

Stone fruits and seeds: almond butter, chestnuts, lychees, almonds, walnuts, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts

Cereals and cereal products: cakes of oat flakes, soy bread, gluten-free bread, and wheat flour type 500, pasta made from durum wheat, rice, graham bread, natural unglazed rice, basmati rice.

Vegetables: garlic, sprouts, bamboo shoots, asparagus, chard, onions, endive, head lettuce, turnip greens, iceberg lettuce, corn salad, seaweed, sea lettuce, spring onions, leeks, chicory, dandelion, Roman salad, rocket, yellow turnips, shallots , mushrooms, watercress, celery, green radishes, beets, cucumbers, potatoes.

Fruits: apricots, watermelon, oranges, melons, cherries, dates, figs, strawberries, guava, kiwi, raspberry, lemon, mandarin, mango, apples, blueberries, blackberries, pears, nectarines, peaches, grapefruit, prunes, currants, raisins , elderberries, gooseberries, lychees.

Inadequate food for blood group B:

Meat: bacon, chicken, goose, quail, duck, pork.

Fish: bass, octopus, eel, smoked salmon, oysters, crabs, frogs.

Dairy products: ice cream, gorgonzola cheese, melted cheese.

Stone fruits and seeds: peanuts, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachio, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds.

Cereals and cereal products: buckwheat flour, barley flour, barley, rye bread, corn bread and corn, starch, flakes, couscous, wheat flakes, wheat bran, wheat whole wheat bread.

Vegetables: artichokes, radishes and radish leaves, olives, tomatoes, tofu, pumpkin.

Fruits: avocado, persimmon, Indian fig, pomegranate, coconut, rhubarb.

If you would like to know more about the B blood type diet follow this link: B blood type diet

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