Acne scars Treatment

Severe inflammatory form of late and inadequate treatment of pimples leave their mark on the skin. This can be in the form of transient or permanent darker-colored spots. These are disturbances in pigmentation, which occur most frequently in summer, when there is more pigment melanin in the skin. The worst forms of acne (nodules, nodules cyst) as a result leave acne scars that may lie under the skin or on the skin surface and are durable.

Acne scar treatment is time consuming and expensive and often ineffective or unsuccessful. In the areas of acne scars can be injected collagen, scars on the skin surface may be partly eliminated with Dermabrasion procedure (with a rapidly rotating brush from artificial fibers, remove protruding scars). After this procedure the skin is more sensitive to sunlight and no longer has the same properties as healthy skin. It is also possible to use laser treatments.

Ten FAQ about pimples

Also my close relatives have pimples. Is this hereditary?

Tendency to pimples is inherited, as well as size and activity of the sebaceous glands.

Do eating habits affect the formation of pimples?

Yes and no. The situation can deteriorate if we enjoy certain foods (chocolate, very unique food, food rich in potassium), but for this there is no scientific evidence.

Will I ever get rid of pimples?

One percent of men are also struggling with acne after 25 years of age. If you are among those few poor wretches, seek professional assistance and be persevere in treatment. You will succeed!

Does stress affect pimples?

Stress and mental tension may speed up secretion of sebum, but don’t have a direct impact on pimples. However, it is more likely that you will faster under the influence of stress scratch skin lesions and with this make already bad situation even worse.

Is sunbathe or use of tanning good?

Yes and no. Some benefits, others harm. Most do not benefit.

Does the practice of certain professions encourage the formation of pimples?

Yes. In particular, these professions where you are in contact with moisture, tar, petroleum products, chlorine compounds and resins.

Is the use of cosmetics with acne recommended?

No. Cosmetics are often too aggressive, especially fatty and powder particles in them to speed up the acne. It is better to avoid them.

Is it possible to buy an anti-pimple cream at a pharmacy without a prescription?

Yes. Regardless of whether you buy anti-acne product yourself or by your doctor, you have to follow the instructions and be persistent. Acne treatment usually takes several months.

Acne disappeared, scars are left. How, if possible at all, can I get rid of acne scars?

Getting rid of Acne Scars is long-term, time-consuming, expensive, limited and the results are poor. You can choose for a collagen injection, Dermabrasion or laser surgery. Success is not guaranteed.

Whom should I contact for advice on pimples?

With the best advice will serve you the physicians, dermatologists, health centers, hospitals or private practice.

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