Acne pimples

What is the difference between pimples and acne?

There is no difference! Pimples or acne mean the same thing. However it is true that the term acne is usually used in very severe forms of acne, when the skin is mostly covered with inflammatory form of pimples (mainly nodules and nodule cyst).

What kind of acne is known?

Dermatologists distinguish several types of acne or pimples. And it has its purpose. It is important, in which part of life can break, or are associated with taking any medication, or occur when you are in contact with certain chemicals, or as a result of improper extrusion and scratching of innocent pimples, or due to climatic conditions. From all this depends the choice of drugs or acne treatments.

Type and characteristics of acne

Infantileacne: as pimples in infants and children.

Physiologicalor acne vulgaris are pubertalpimples: caused by an increased secretion of sex hormones (testosterone). The worst condition is among 18th and 19 year, after 21 year in the majority disappears spontaneously.

Fulminantacne: Is very severe and serious disease of young men. In addition, that develop to the worst form of pimples, skin is also withering away, and the patient has an elevated temperature, severe pain and swollen joints. All roads lead to the doctor!

Overt acne: is acne that does not disappear after puberty, but can last up to 30th years or even life.

Exogenousacne: occur or deteriorate on contact with tars, machine oils, chlorine compounds, resins, can also arise from prolonged use of cosmetics containing komedo-genes substances.

Ekskoriiraneacne: resulting from improper extrusion and scratching low expressed pimples

Medica acne: result of treatment with certain drugs

Factors that worse the condition acne

There is no general formula or a list of such factors. The skin is behaving differently in every person. What someone helps another doesn’t. The sun, use of tanning beds, skin care, use of cosmetics (powders, oily creams, preparations containing sulfur, stearic acid, sesame oil, polyethylene glycol, lanolin,  …), food (especially chocolate, inadequate diet), stress, certain medications (AEDs) and things like this situation deteriorate than improve.

Reliable is causing damage compression and scratching pimples, especially if you’re doing this with bare hands. In fingernails and fingertips is lot of bacteria, which by squeezing and scratching is applied to an already diseased skin.

If you really cannot resist the temptation scratching pimples on your face, at least wash your hands well and use a clean towel. Or indulge in gentle hands of beauticians who do this professionally. You will reliably alleviate acne or if you visit a dermatologist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment either with creams or either as tablets or both.

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