Acne Bacteria

What about acne bacteria?

Besides heredity, seborrhoea and testosterone play an important role in the formation of pimples or acne bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. Its influence and role have not yet been clarified, but is shown to occur on the pimple skin of the body and face. Bacteria are also found on a healthy skin and assume that with the increased elimination of fat gets into the sebaceous glands spigots, multiply there and participate in the formation of inflammation.

Do you still look like adolescents? Immediately to the doctor!

You are more than 25 years and in the desire for beautiful skin you’ve already tried all sorts of advice on skin care and healthy diet that you have read in many magazines. And nothing at all. Your sebaceous glands still drawn to the surface more oil than in Kuwait and a face still resembles a landscape of extinct craters with individual active volcanoes.

You have already spent a fortune for the aggressive cosmetics, and you have already (thank goodness) given up on squeezing pimples. What to do? Go to the doctor! And it now!

On the nose appeared mega pimple. What to do?

Congratulations. You produced mega acne. If you otherwise have healthy skin, you do not need to rush to the doctor. However, if you have more such monsters on your face, we recommend you a visit to the dermatologist. What can you do?

Again, do not grab a tissue and make a masochistic attempt on the pimple. You will irritate the poor guy and for the punishment will be further increased and cause you additional pain. That we are not talking about aesthetics.

On the affected area place warm chamomile compresses. Sooner or later the pimple will break up and burst. Clean the injured site with chamomile, but you can also put antibiotic ointment on it. In three to five days, you will be healed. Only fingers away!

Recipe for successful treatment of acne

Rule No. 1: At the first sign of acne go to the doctor.

Rule No. 2: Exact and firmly follow the instructions on skin care and medication.

Rule No. 3: Do not abandon the treatment after the first signs of improvement.

Rule No. 4: Do not give up if after the first weeks of treatment, there are no signs of improvement. Acne treatment usually lasts several months or even years.

The only effective treatment for acne is with appropriate medication under the watchful eye of a physician specialized in dermatology. Do not hesitate with going to the doctor. Depending on the type and degree of acne will prescribe you the appropriate local or systemic treatment.

For topical acne treatment there are different acne creams, gels, suspensions and solutions containing anti-inflammatory agents that in particular, inhibit or prevent the formation of pimples. The preparations may contain substances, such as benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, the antibiotic clindamycin, retinoids, and some fruits acid.

Preparations must be exactly as directed by your doctor applied to the affected skin areas. Some substances may cause temporary skin irritation, so be careful when using. In particular, benzoyl peroxide and retinoids it is advisable to avoid during the summer months, as they increase skin sensitivity to sunlight.

Even medicines for the systematic treatment of acne should be taken exactly as directed by your doctor. They are available as tablets and capsules. The most widely are used antibiotics (tetracycline, azithromycin), hormones and retinoids (vitamin A derivatives).

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