AB blood type diet

People with blood group AB are – as already shown their blood group – in many ways a combination of genetic predispositions of people with blood group A and those with blood group B. Genetically speaking, these are people with the shortest history, since the blood type AB is the youngest blood group which lasts only about thousand years. The amount of people with this blood group is small, only about 2 to 5 percent of the population. Data on diet for people with blood type AB are summarized from the D’Adamo book.

Basic Issues of blood type AB

The basic thing that people with blood type AB should be mindful of the fact is, that they need both foods that are recommended for people with blood group A and the foods that are recommended for people with blood type B. In the diet of people with blood type AB is therefore a mixture of both diets for this group.

According to D’Adam are the basic instructions of this diet following:

  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol – particularly caffeine in stressful moments that are very harmful
  2. Avoid red meat and chicken – the main source of protein to the fish and seafood, soy and soy products
  3. In the food include regular meals of fish from cold seas, as the oils contained is extremely important for your metabolism
  4. Regularly eat foods rich in vitamin A (carrots, spinach, broccoli)
  5. For each meal should be eaten enough. It is prohibited to skip meals, banned are also low calorie diets, especially if you want to lose weight. Lack of food is very great stress
  6. The main meal should be breakfast, especially if you want to lose weight, breakfast should contain a lot of protein food.
  7. Eat moderate amounts of cultured milk products with probiotic effect and avoid the product from fresh milk
  8. Eat several small meals, as this will alleviate digestive problems
  9. Half an hour before a meal eat useful bitters, which regulates digestion

Red light in the diet

According to D’Adamo are the most important forbidden foods for people with blood group AB: chicken meat, red meat, some kind of white fish, buckwheat, corn and beans. To these foods are joined other food groups.

Meat and poultry: People with blood group AB most of red meat is harmful, which is used by Westerners in the daily diet.

According to D’Adamo are allowed the following types of meat:

a) Useful for the healthy: Turkey meat,

b) Useful for the sick: lamb, rabbit meat and mutton,

c) Neutral (no benefits and no harm): calf’s liver, meat and pheasant meat ostrich.

Of course, all meat must be from organic agriculture. Quantities are as follows: 6 to 15 g on average four times per week for women, from 12 to 18 g on average four times per week for men. Meat products are prohibited.

Combination with Livingston diet: small portions of lamb (about 5 oz and not every day) are suitable only for the healthy. Meat products are not allowed. Derogation under Livingston diet means a lack of protein derived from these food groups. This deficit can be compensated by eating fish.

For more information about AB blood type diet you can read this book.

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