A blood type diet

According to D’Adam people with blood group A have a genetic predisposition for an extremely efficient metabolism of carbohydrates and problems in the metabolism of animal proteins and fats. Genetically are designed to rapidly exploit nutrients from carbohydrates. In this connection, people with blood group A are genetically determined for vegetarians.

Basic issues for A blood type diet

The basic thing to be aware of people with blood group A, is the fact that they tend to have high levels of cortisol. A high level of cortisol is associated with the development of different diseases. To have the appropriate level of cortisol, measures considered by D’Adamo should be followed. These measures are also proposed for people with blood type B:

  1. Enjoy six small meals rather than three large ones.
  2. For each meal should be eaten enough. It is prohibited to skip meals, because food shortages are putting great stress on the body.
  3. One must always carry food for quick energy snacks.

Basic instructions that people with blood group A are the following:

  1. Avoid large quantities of meat, because may cause metabolic problems to people with blood group A
  2. The use of neutral types of meat such as chicken and turkey, limit to two to three meals per week.
  3. The primary source of protein should be fish and soy.
  4. In the a blood type diet include moderate amounts of cultured milk products with probiotic effect and avoid fresh milk.
  5. Enjoy legumes because they are suitable for people with blood group A
  6. Do not overdo with grains, particularly wheat, wheat should be avoided if you have weight problems
  7. Eat lots of useful vegetables and fruits.
  8. No worries to enjoy nuts and seeds, large quantities of these foods have significant positive cardiovascular effects for people with blood group A.
  9. Drink green tea, which is good for your immune system;
  10. Enjoy a diet rich in vitamin A (carrots, spinach, broccoli …)

Red lights in the diet

According to D’Adam are most important forbidden foods for people with blood group A: kidney beans, potatoes, cabbage, Eggplant, bananas and tomatoes.

Meat and poultry

To people with blood type A is harmful most of the meat, which is used by Westerners in the daily diet, especially with red meat. D’Adamo points out that many diseases that are associated with the use of large quantities of animal protein is more common in people with blood group A than in people with other blood types.

People with blood group A lack of certain enzymes and stomach acids, which are necessary for the efficient digestion of animal protein. Therefore, people with this blood group should get the majority of proteins from non-meat protein sources.

According to D’Adam are allowed the following types of meat:

  • useful for the healthy: no meat,
  • useful for sick people: no flesh,
  • neutral (no benefits, but also not harm): chicken, turkey, chicken, fed with maize, wild fowl, ostrich, and pigeon.

Of course, all meat must be from organic agriculture.

Quantities are as follows: 6 to 15 g on average three times per week for women, from 12 to 18 g on average three times a week for men. Meat products are not recommended.

A combination with Livingston diet: wild fowl, small meals (5 g), not every day and only for the healthy people. Meat products are not allowed. Derogation under Livingston diet means a lack of protein derived from these food groups. This deficit can be compensated by eating fish and soya.

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