90 day diet

It is no doubt that a separation diet is the most famous diet. Besides it’s a long-term diet that it lasts for three months. Many people have already taken this diet and were satisfied with the result. Some people unfortunately quit too quickly. To achieve the desired results and lose extra pounds, we must be disciplined and insist with a diet for all 90 days. In addition to excess weight lost we will also get used at a balanced and regular meals and regular exercise.

Separating diet was based on the findings of Dr. William H. Haya, who in 1991 in his study found that fatness is a subject to improper food combining, which also comprises a variety of health problems. With the proper intake of certain foods we can eliminate problems and reduce fatness.

Before we start with the diet, we should consult with our doctor and explain to him our purpose. We should ask him to review our blood and perform other basic tests. During the diet and after, our metabolism will be slightly changed and it is wise to know how the body will respond and if there is a negative change to take immediate action.

Every beginning is difficult, even with this diet is going to happen, that the will to continue will be sometimes low. But we must not give up. These changes and thoughts will come because our body was used to a diet rhythm and a certain amount entered of the daily food. However, over time the body will get used to the new rhythm and began to lose extra pounds. The basic principle of a 90-day diet is that every day we enjoy a different type of food, every 29th day, drink only water.

Nutrition process in separation diet

In this diet, we have to determine the order, which we will follow otherwise the effect will not be as good as we want. Throughout all days the breakfast will be based on fruit, no matter what will be the day plan (protein, starch …). This is due to the fact that we get a daily intake of vitamins that our body needs.

But we must be careful because you can eat at one time only one type of fruit. That is, if we decide to eat oranges for breakfast, it certainly should not be mixed with another apple. We also have to take care that the calorific value is the same. A banana has a higher calorific value than the two mandarins and vice versa. For breakfast we should eat about 200 calories.

During the day we should drink at least 2 liters of water. After each meal (except breakfast), we have a cup of pure soup (vegetable or beef). With meals is recommended to use the spices as they are good for the body.

Dinners must be quantified to less than half of the lunches. It is recommended that you choose one way to exercise, which will be repeated at least four times a week all the time throughout the diet and also after it.

The first day – protein day

In this day you can enjoy protein: meat, cheese, eggs, milk, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, turnips, cauliflower, soybeans, soybean sprouts, cabbage, tomatoes, beets…

What are proteins?

Proteins are complex organic molecules that are composed of amino acids. The human body needs amino acids, because certain amino acids the body cannot produce and therefore we have to obtain them from other foods. The human body needs proteins to maintain tissue and growth.

In the protein day should be elapsed at least 4 hours between meals. When preparing meals, we must be careful that the dish is prepared only from the proteins. Also, when preparing meat and other foods, we should not overdo it with excessive oil or grease. We choose proteins that do not contain much fat. For a very good lunch we can prepare a salad with mozzarella and tomato.

Dinners must be quantified to less than half of the lunches.

The second day – the starch day

For starch day we can enjoy: rice, beans, peas, corn, soybeans, lentils, chick peas, potatoes…

What is starch?

Starch is a natural polysaccharide polymer consisting of linked glucose units. Starch is obtained from cereals, tubers and roots of some of the various plants. It is almost tasteless and can therefore be used as a kind of binder and thickener. The body breaks down starch into glucose, which is a source of energy.

In starch day, should be elapsed at least 2 hours between meals. When preparing meals, we must be careful that the dish is prepared only from the starch. To prepare food starch can be used oil and fat, but we must be careful that we do not use too much. Very tasty lunch and dinner will also be a spread from chickpeas and roasted garlic.

Third Day – carbohydrates day

In this day you can eat: sugar, pasta, pizza, candy, cakes…

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are chemical compounds that contain oxygen, hydrogen and carbon atoms. There are simple and complex carbohydrates (hereafter CH). Simple are known as monosaccharides and are found naturally in fruits. They are the fastest digestible CH and give the human body in a short time a lot of energy, but they cause a rapid growth of insulin.

Compound CH are found in the plant world and are divided into three types:

  • Disaccharides: sucrose, lactose
  • oligosaccharides: sugar beet and sugar cane
  • polysaccharides: starch and cellulose

CH are the basic nutrient for the nervous system.

In CH day meals should be every 3 hours. We must take care that we do not enjoy too much CH during the day it can be very damaging to the body. CH are the most often blamed for increased body weight. Meals must be smaller than meals of previous days. However, we can still take home made chocolate or peanut biscuits.

The fourth day – Fruit Day

In fruit the day we must take care to meals every 2 hours. At every meal we enjoyed only one type of fruit. So that we choose for each meal other fruits that we do not get too tired only of one type of fruit. We can prepare a fresh orange juice or lemonade.

After the fourth day we return back to the beginning and repeat the days until we get to 29 day in our 90-day separation diet.

29th Day – Water Day

This day we need to drink a lot of water. You can choose whether it is warm or cold. Day should be more relaxing and not too stressful.

After the successful 90 days we may slowly and gradually return back to the rhythm that we had before dieting. The diet can be repeated after 90 days of the normal diet rhythm has passed. During free diet we consume a balanced diet and a regular move, that we keep the weight gain.

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