5-day purifying diet

The diet should be done at the end of the week, as we can pay greater attention to our self at the end of the week as if we started dieting at the beginning of the week.

Preparation of a purifying diet

Ideally is, if you choose a weekend when we do not have a lot of work and other commitments. If we are alone at home as we will have enough peace, even better. If it is not possible try to explain to your loved ones, what you are going to do and ask them to respect your decision. Get your diet things previously, so that you will not need to do shopping during the diet.

Arrange home

Before you start with diet, put the home in order so you will not be upset on little things that you know that usually throw you from the track. Decorate and perfume your home with your favorite scents and flowers. Music should be soft and soothing. If the atmosphere is hot, dress light and switch on the fan. Otherwise, if the atmosphere is cold, light a fire or wrapped in warm clothes and blankets.

The purifying diet plan

Over the next five days we will every day for breakfast drink a glass of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. During the day consume at least 2 liters of water. The last meal of the day should be before 18 hour. The first two days we will have light meals that are easily digestible. As an example a salmon Carpaccio with parmesan cheese or asparagus is a good choice.

From the third day onwards, we will only enjoy the fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should be raw or stewed, without additives. Prepare also fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices. As an example you can prepare a freshly squeezed orange juice.

Daily exercise will help strengthen the body and purification. Several times a day enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy bath. During the day we should not be too much strain or worry and be stressed out, because the effect of purification will be smaller.

After five days you can return to the normal rhythm of your daily life, full of energy and wellness.

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